Millenium Pharma Vitamin C with Hesperidin 200gm

Millenium Pharma Vitamin C with Hesperidin 200gm

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It is no nonsense simple traditional buffered Vitamin C supplement which suits most people and is the most popular Vitamin C complex powder in its category. It is a stable gentle to the stomach formula with no artificial colour, flavour, sweetener and preservatives. No added dairy, wheat, & corn, no animal product, no Gluten and GMO and is uniquely formulated to contain homeopathic Iron, Manganese, Zinc and Selenium. It is the best tasting vitamin C powder available in its category. 

May help reduce the severity and duration of the symptoms of colds, and relief of the symptoms of hay fever. May assist in maintaining peripheral circulation. Acts as an antioxidant. 

The powder when stirred in a glass of water gives a refreshing citrus tasting drink.

It is the most value added product in its category; per 2 gram dose it offers 100mg vitamin C in buffered form which is about 25% more than leading brands.

It also offers about 20% more of the bioflavonoid (Hesperidin).

It is Eco friendly i.e. no phosphates are added to the product to claim buffering action; rather it is a true buffer system of Ascorbic acid and ascorbate.


Each 2 Grams Powder Contains:

Ascorbic Acid as calcium ascorbate dihydrate 291mg

Ascorbic Acid 700mg

Total Vitamin C content 991mg

Hesperidin 225mg

Homeopathic Ingredients:

Ferrum Metallicum (H) 30X 2.5mg

Manganum Metallicum (H) 30X 2.5mg

Zincum Metallicum (H) 30X 2.5mg

Selenium Metallicum (H) 30X 5.0mg

Also contains Silica colloidal anhydrous, Glucose, Riboflavin sodium phosphate, natural lemon flavour and herbal sweetener stevia.

Free of: Yeast, corn & wheat, artificial sweeteners or flavours, lactose and sucrose. No animal products, preservatives or GMO's.

It contains homeopathic iron, zinc, manganese and selenium, which according to the homeopathic principles leave a mineral imprint on cellular activity. In homeopathic form there is no waste and no toxicity from these minerals.

Contains glucose for energy for the get-up-and-go factor (May no be suitable for diabetics). 

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